Our Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us as it is in line with our core values. This is the platform for us to spread our values in dealing with social and environmental concerns, and carry out our responsibility as a corporate citizen that cares, in the most earnest and ethical way and working together to ensure the success of our objective for the community. Amongst our efforts to inculcate the CSR culture so far:

Program Amal Jariah (PAJ)

Prokhas has been entrusted to implement the Government’s initiative in carrying out a CSR programme to restore old, damaged or dilapidated houses of the hardcore poor nationwide under the “Program Amal Jariah” (PAJ). PAJ was launched by the Prime Minister on 9 December 2008 with the aim to uplift the living conditions of the hardcore poor in Malaysia. The core essence of the programme's introduction is based on the values of voluntarism, sincerity and social empathy, which is consistent with the Prokhas culture.

With a low cost operating model and the voluntarism effort by the Prokhas workforce, the operation cost was kept at a minimum under 4% from the funds granted. This is to ensure maximum use of the funds channeled to the hardcore poor. And indeed it did. From the funding allocation of RM50 million, approximately 96% was effectively channeled to restoring the homes of the hardcore poor. As at to date, 18,222 houses of the hardcore poor has been restored all over Malaysia.

Further to that, to continue the success of PAJ, Prokhas has incorporated Dana Amal Jariah in 2010, a company limited by guarantee which will be taking over the programme based on contribution from the private sector and general public.  This will further enhance the programme as an exemplary model for CSR activities recommended by the Government.


Prokhas Community Day

The Community Day sees another effort by Prokhas to encourage its people to contribute to the community. Various social responsibility projects were planned and organized by the Prokhas staff themselves leading to the Community Day held on 25 April 2009 to educate and spread awareness to the public and in turn, instill consciousness in them to give back to the society.




Community’s Welfare

A Welfare project was organised for a shortlisted orphanage, which is Akademi Tahfiz Al-Hidayah, Kuala Lumpur (“ATAH”). Among the efforts done to provide long term benefits to the orphanage were:
  • Raising the funds up to RM20,000 from Prokhas members and corporate sponsors to provide financial assistance including their financial overhead and daily expenses.
  • Enhance the living standard of ATAH’s students by providing mattresses, cupboards, study tables, computers, a van and a RM100 savings account for each child (in collaboration with Bank Simpanan Nasional)
  • “Gotong-royong” at the orphanage centre.


Nature & Environment

In collaboration with Kuala Selangor National Park (“KSNP”) and Malaysian Nature Society (“MNS”), the Nature and Environment program was held to promote environmental education which included:

  • The planting of mangrove plants with the orphans from Tunas Harapan,
  • Talks by the MNS on the importance of mangroves plant and in stabilizing the ecosystem,
  • Nature craft session
  • Paper recycling activity

Art & Heritage

Program Laman Budaya at Tasek Taman Jaya to promote the art and heritage of Malaysia in collaboration with MBPJ. Among the activities held were:

  • Dikir Barat competition from 6 schools within Petaling Jaya
  • Traditional games and quizzes for the public
  • Promotional booths:
  1. Istana Budaya
  2. Arkib Negara Malaysia
  3. Jabatan Kebudayaan Kesenian Negara Negeri Selangor
  4. Wariseni Budaya
  5. Pusaka Nenek Moyang
  6. Local Traditional Cuisine


Health Education

Activities organised were focused on Health Education which included:

  • Blood Donation Drive for the the Prokhas staff and the public
  • Health talks by Yayasan Jantung Negara, Institute of Medical Research and Innobio Ventures Sdn. Bhd.
  • Free Health Check for the public by Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan
  • Poco Poco and Para-Para Sakura exercises to promote exercise in a fun way.
  • “Sepuntung Rokok Sepinggan Nasi” campaign – Members of the public at Taman Tasik Perdana were approached by Prokhas staff to donate their cigarettes for a campaign against smoking. For each cigarette collected, RM1 is donated to charity.


Program Pelajar Harapan Prokhas (“PHP”)

This programme was organised for a group of 30 students of Sek. Men. Dato’ Ahmad Razali, Ampang. It aims to provide them educational support such as tuition classes taught by volunteers from Prokhas staff themselves, workshops, seminars and programs, including techniques and tips to answer exam questions. Financial aids were also given in terms of monthly allowance and school fees for the students as they were in need but have good potential in their studies. Students who obtained good results from their PMR examinations were given a monetary reward by Prokhas; RM50 for every ‘A’ in their results, and 2 of the students were given laptops for their excellent achievement in PMR. This programme also sees the Prokhas staff carrying out their own CSR initiative by also volunteering to participate and contribute to the students in monetary and non-monetary forms. 


Prokhas Young Executive Group (“PYEG”)

The objective of this program is to encourage the participation of young executives in Prokhas activities. This program instills leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship qualities in our quest to groom future business leaders. Under the PYEG program, the participants/executives aged between 20 – 35 years old were divided into 10 groups and required to organise at least two activities that could benefit Prokhas and the community in year 2010 and 2011. The following are amongst the activities that they have done:


PYEG Activities


Kelas Bimbingan Solat

Several religious classes were organised in the month of August, 2010 by Group 4 of the PYEG program which were lectured by Ustaz Nor Raihan Aziz. This effort sees a lot of participation by Muslim participants who were given free talks on the correct guidance for the five daily prayers (Solat).

Visitation to Pediatric Ward of Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya ("PPUM")

PYEG Group 4 with several Prokhas volunteers visited the Pediatric Ward at PPUM on 19 August 2010 to give out 150 hampers worth RM100 each to pediatric patients and a donation of RM1000 was contributed to "Tabung Pesakit PPUM".


An Evening with Orphans

The residents of Rumah Anak Yatim Shifa’, an orphanage home, were visited by PYEG Group 9 and other Prokhas volunteers during the Ramadhan month where aside from the breaking of Ramadhan fast and Solat Maghrib, a "gotong-royong" session was also done to clean up the home. Donations were given out to the orphanage and packets of "Duit Raya" were handed to the orphans.

Prokhas Blood Donation Day

A Blood Donation Drive was successfully launched at Prokhas Sdn. Bhd. on 6 October 2010 by PYEG Group 8 with good response from blood donors including Prokhas' own staff and nearby communities from the area.


Financial Talk (Credit Counselling and Debt Management)

Realising that financial issues such as debts are rapidly becoming a norm especially with young working adults, a Financial Talk was held on 28 January 2011 by PYEG Group 10 in collaboration with Agensi Kaunseling Dan Pengurusan Kredit ("AKPK") to give participants the right counseling and advice on financial budgeting, money management and credit issues.

Hosting an Old Folks Home Charity Programme

The Lovely Nursing Home is an old folks home and a non-profitable organisation in need of support. On 12 February 2011, Group 1 and Group 5 of the PYEG team made a visit to the home and organised some activities for the residents and staff in collaboration with the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS). Among the activities done were free health checkups and a Health Talk for the residents by medical officers from CUCMS as well as providing medical supplies and tools for the home, for e.g. first aid kits, blood glucose level test kits and vitamins.  The team also held a Garage Collection Week before the visit; whereby Prokhas staff were encouraged to give away items that they do not need but are still in good condition. The proceeds from the Garage Collection like used clothes, household items and canned food were donated to the home, including combined cash money taken from the team’s budget and donated by Prokhas staff amounting to RM500.


One-day Express Basic Photography Workshop

The workshop, organised by PYEG Group 2 was held on 31 July 2010 and facilitated by experienced photography facilitators, Jurufoto (formerly Foto Impian) which was opened to Prokhas staff and the public who are interested in photography. Participants were only required to pay a small fee of RM20 for the express class to improve the basic skills needed in photography.


Career Camp

This effort marks a collaboration between two CSR programs under Prokhas; Pelajar Harapan Prokhas (PHP) and Dana Amal Jariah (DAJ) in holding a 3-day camp for SPM students with the help of University of Malaya (UM) and Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA). Realising that most SPM leavers are unsure on choosing the right courses at university/college in line with suitable careers, the Career Camp was initiated to expose the students to college life and learn about career opportunities in line with their interests, strengths and abilities. 28 students under the PHP program from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Ahmad Razali, Ampang and 33 students under the DAJ program from Kampung Pandan Dalam residential area in Ampang participated in the camp held from 3 June 2011 to 5 June 2011 at the 3rd College, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. For the whole 3 days, the students resided at the college and took part in many activities lined up for them. Among them were:


Career Camp Activities


Career and Personality Test by DHRRA

The students were required to take the Career and Personality test to determine their interests and personality which are aligned with a variety of employment opportunities. This way, the students will be exposed to a wider job market and would not feel restricted to occupations that only suit their current academic stream.

Entry Guidelines Talk by “Seksyen Kemasukan & Rekod UM”

There are many cases where qualified and eligible students missed the chance of getting their preferred courses at universities of their choice due to the slightest error in filling up forms. During this talk, the students were given clear guidelines and tips to ensure that enrollment forms are filled in correctly for them to have a higher chance of being accepted into their choice of university to study their preferred courses.



In this race, the students took part in an exploration of knowledge involving a series of games and checkpoints with each checkpoint having a learning objective.  At the end of the race, the students should learn the importance of leadership, teamwork, communication and creativity, among others to achieve their goals.

Career Game

The Career Game is a form of an IQ Quiz to teach the students to work in groups and learn to make decisions collectively, aside from testing their IQ and knowledge in various subjects.


Annual Prokhas Blood Donation Campaign

Prokhas has been organising blood donation campaigns every year at Prokhas office in collaboration with the National Blood Centre. The campaign aims to instill awareness to the staff and public on the importance of blood donation and its role in saving lives, and has always managed to pull more than 50 donors from Prokhas staff and the public.