Our Logo Rationale

The word "pro" is short for the words "professionals" and "projects". The image we want to portray to our existing and potential clients is that we are professionals, having an emphasis on project-based work.

The dark blue on the word "pro" represents unlimited opportunities and possibilities. It also represents unity and integration between the professionals from different backgrounds, and 'fluidity' as we aim to be versatile in our work and to adjust our roles to meet our target customers' objectives.

The word "khas" denotes the uniqueness of our company: it is owned by the government, yet it has commercial leaning. The colour green indicates growth, for the company is thriving and constantly striving for new and unique areas to venture into.

The underscoring of the name further emphasises our professionalism in performing our work. We are professionals and we will work hand in hand with our clients in achieving their objectives. The fading tail of the underscoring and the italicised words represents the speed with which the company is moving forward and looking ahead.